Official welcome point

During arrival days, July 17th and 18th whether the participants will come by sea, land, railway or air traffic, official welcome points will be placed on traffic terminals where the arrival of the EUC 2023 participants is expected: airport, railway, bus station.


Split Airport

Split Airport, also known as Resnik Airport is the international airport serving the city of Split, Croatia. It is located 19 km (12 mi) from Split. The busiest time in the airport is during the summer season, as the city of Split is a major tourist destination and a very important transportation hub. Weekends are the busiest part of the week with more than 200 flights and 50,000 passengers.


Welcome point with our volunteers will be located inside the airport. So please find our volunteers who will help you reach our buses


Split central bus station, ferry, and railway

Modern ferry port, together with the main bus station and railway are placed downtown, close to the main city promenade. All three stations almost at the same address provide us with the guarantee of participant’s carefree transportation to the accommodation facility. Placed downtown, all three stations are 2.9 km distant from the city campus.


Transportation for the competition

Special bus transportation is arranged for all participants of EUSA Futsal 2023. Participants will be using two bus lines with circular routes which will lead them to sports venues.


Participants can also use public transportation, which is free of charge with everyone having the accreditation. If you prefer other transportation, the OC recommends using Uber service, as they have lowest prices and offer different types of transport – by car, van or boat.